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Intensive Danish Course for Foreigners

Become good at both speaking and understanding Danish. In this course you work actively with the Danish language and you learn various technical terms that may be useful to you in your future work life. At the same time you get an introduction to the Danish job market and culture.
Pris: 8.500,00 kr.

For you who

  • Has Danish as your second language
  • Want to become better at speaking and understanding Danish

You become more competent at:

  • Danish everyday speech
  • Pronunciation and grammar
  • Understanding the Danish job market and culture


You get a thorough introduction to the grammar of the Danish language, rules and word order, so you are well prepared when you need to understand the Danish language.

You also work with Danish everyday speech and pronunciation to help you understand the Danish spoken language which can be very different from the written language. At the same time, you are working to extend your vocabulary – especially regarding the professional terms/terminologies within the line of business in which you want to work.

This should be useful when you want to talk to your future colleagues about work tasks, planning and other relevant aspects during your workday.

As the teaching takes place in Danish, it is necessary that you have basic Danish competencies corresponding to Danish 1 in the Danish educations.

Step by step

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    Find dit kursus
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    Vælg dato
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  • 3.
    Udfyld kontaktoplysninger
    Udfyld dine kontaktoplysninger, så vi kan kontakte dig, hvis du har problemer med at gennemføre din tilmelding på
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