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Cambridge English Business (B2-C1)

This course is designed to give you practical skills to help you succeed in English-speaking international business environments.
Pris: 8.500 kr.


This comprehensive course has been meticulously crafted to equip you with a diverse range of practical skills, enabling you to thrive in dynamic English-speaking international business environments. By delving into the advanced level (C1) curriculum, you will receive extensive training in essential linguistic proficiencies that are indispensable for navigating the challenges of demanding professional and academic settings.

Throughout this course, you will sharpen your ability to communicate effectively at the highest professional levels, mastering the art of conveying your ideas with precision, clarity, and impact. You will gain the confidence and competence necessary to actively engage in workplace meetings and presentations, effortlessly articulating your thoughts and contributing meaningfully to discussions.

In addition to honing your linguistic prowess, this course places great emphasis on cultivating a heightened level of fluency. You will acquire the tools and techniques required to express yourself with unparalleled eloquence, effortlessly crafting eloquent sentences and engaging in sophisticated conversations. Your vocabulary will expand, allowing you to articulate your thoughts with nuance and sophistication, captivating your audience with your profound linguistic dexterity.

Moreover, this course recognizes the importance of cultural and social adaptability in today’s interconnected world. As you progress through the curriculum, you will develop the ability to navigate diverse cultural landscapes and respond aptly to a plethora of social situations. You will gain insights into the nuances of intercultural communication, fostering an awareness and understanding of different customs, traditions, and protocols. Equipped with this invaluable knowledge, you will confidently and respectfully interact with individuals from various backgrounds, building strong relationships and fostering effective collaboration.

Roy Sørensen
Meet your teacher
Roy Sørensen holds a Master of Arts degree and has a Professional Diploma of Vocational Pedagogy. He has been associated with TietgenSkolen as a lecturer for the past 18 years, 15 of which have been in a permanent position. Roy teaches subjects including English, German, written and oral communication, and Intensive Danish for Foreigners. With a total of 25 years of teaching experience, Roy has previously worked as a coordinator and instructor at a private consulting firm before joining TietgenSkolen.
Roy Sørensen
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