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Cambridge English Advanced (C1)

For participants who have already mastered level B2. After a recent A-level exam from hf (upper secondary general education programme) /high school/business school or after the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE).
Pris: 8.500 kr.


This advanced course is specifically tailored for participants who have already achieved mastery at the B2 level in English. Whether you have recently completed an A-level exam from hf (upper secondary general education program), high school, business school, or obtained the renowned Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE), this course is designed to further refine your language skills and propel you towards a higher level of proficiency.

Throughout this course, you will engage with demanding and extensive texts, allowing you to deepen your understanding and comprehension of complex subject matter. By immersing yourself in longer texts, you will develop the ability to extract key information, identify main ideas, and follow intricate arguments with ease. Additionally, you will sharpen your reading fluency, enabling you to engage with challenging materials without having to pause and search for words or phrases.

In addition to enhancing your reading skills, this course focuses on developing your oral proficiency to enable you to express yourself with fluency and spontaneity. Through interactive exercises, discussions, and role-plays, you will refine your ability to articulate your thoughts and ideas confidently, without hesitation. You will become adept at using the English language flexibly and effectively, both in social and professional settings. This includes acquiring the skills to engage in academic discussions, deliver compelling presentations, and effectively communicate in business environments.

Moreover, this course recognizes the importance of strong writing skills in various contexts. You will learn to produce clear, well-structured, and detailed texts on complex topics. Through targeted writing exercises and constructive feedback, you will refine your ability to craft compelling arguments, present coherent ideas, and effectively convey your thoughts in written form. This skill will prove invaluable in academic settings, professional correspondence, and other written communication situations.

By the end of this comprehensive course, you will emerge as a highly proficient English language user, capable of comprehending demanding texts, expressing yourself fluently and spontaneously, and using the language flexibly for various purposes. Your refined language skills will empower you to engage in advanced social interactions, thrive in academic pursuits, and navigate complex business scenarios with confidence. This course serves as a catalyst for your continued growth and provides a solid foundation for further linguistic development, allowing you to embrace new opportunities and excel in your English language journey.


Roy Sørensen
Meet your teacher
Roy Sørensen holds a Master of Arts degree and has a Professional Diploma of Vocational Pedagogy. He has been associated with TietgenSkolen as a lecturer for the past 18 years, 15 of which have been in a permanent position. Roy teaches subjects including English, German, written and oral communication, and Intensive Danish for Foreigners. With a total of 25 years of teaching experience, Roy has previously worked as a coordinator and instructor at a private consulting firm before joining TietgenSkolen.
Roy Sørensen
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