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Basic Management

In Basic Management, you will acquire fundamental knowledge of management styles and roles and delve into your own role as a manager. The course is a combination of theory and practical exercises, where you will get the opportunity to test the theory between each course session.
Startdato - Klasseundervisning
18. sep. 2024 17. sep. 2025
Rugårdsvej 286 5210 Odense NV
AMU-pris: 3.120 kr. Pris: 9.849,25 kr.

For you who

  • are an aspiring or current manager in need of practical leadership tools and basic theoretical knowledge of management.
  • seek inspiration to lead and motivate your employees based on different management styles.
  • wants tools and resources to handle conflicts and de-escalate difficult situations among employees.

You will become better at

  • manage your employees because you will become more aware of your own role and influence on each individual employee.
  • manage diversely in a world that is constantly changing.
  • ensuring good and constructive communication among your employees and avoiding conflicts.


In Basic Management, you will work on your role in developing each employee and in fostering teamwork within your team or department. You will be introduced to tools and management styles that can promote collaboration and motivation among your employees, and you will learn how your communication can de-escalate and escalate conflicts. As something completely new, you will also have two days to work on how you as a manager can motivate and engage your employees in the work towards green transformation and sustainable solutions.

Module-based and practical-focused

Basic Management is practice-oriented and structured with various cases from the instructor’s own experiences and perhaps from input from you. The theory you learn will be linked to examples that you can relate to and use in your daily management afterward. The course consists of six modules spread over three months, where you can try what you learned at your own place of business and come back to follow up on your experiences.


Kursusstart: 18. sep. 2024 15 dage
18. sep. 2024 19. sep. 2024 20. sep. 2024
7. okt. 2024 8. okt. 2024
9. okt. 2024
31. okt. 2024 1. nov. 2024
13. nov. 2024 14. nov. 2024
27. nov. 2024 28. nov. 2024
9. dec. 2024 10. dec. 2024 11. dec. 2024
Kursusstart: 17. sep. 2025 15 dage
17. sep. 2025 18. sep. 2025 19. sep. 2025
6. okt. 2025 7. okt. 2025
8. okt. 2025
30. okt. 2025 31. okt. 2025
12. nov. 2025 13. nov. 2025
26. nov. 2025 27. nov. 2025
8. dec. 2025 9. dec. 2025 10. dec. 2025

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